Zbigniew, Bronisław Łoskot, son of Wincenty and Janina ( Madziar ) Łoskot.
Born 1.09.1922 , died 1.09.1997

Education and early years:
• 1940 finished secondary school of J. Zamoyski in Warsaw.
• 1940-1944 – private classes by prof. T. Pruszkowski and Z. Kamiński.
• Municipal School of Applied Arts, classes under prof. Mieczyslaw Schultz (wall-painting/fresques), Mieczyslaw Jurgielewicz (stained-glass).
• Underground education during World War II – school of K. Krzyżanowski and of prof. Adam Rychtarski.
• 1945-1949 Academy of Fine Arts, Cracow under prof. Zbigniew Pronaszko, graduated in 1954.
During World War II Zbigniew Łoskot was the co-founder of the artistic group publishing covertly a cultural magazine “ART AND NATION” (Sztuka i Naród) of national-catholic profile. Other members of ART AND NATION group include : W. Bojarski – poet, B. Kopczyński – musician, A. Trzebiński – writer, T. Gajcy – poet and others.
During WW2 he also participated in the activities of artists and architects group ARKA.

Drawing, painting, printmaking, illustration, church interiors (wall – painting /fresques, murals/, mosaics, stained-glass) .

• 1950-1973 - numerous group exhibitions of local and national scope /paintings, drawings, prints and illustration/
• 1956 - Individual exhibition of Drawings and Prints, Warsaw
• 1966 - Individual exhibition by KIK, Warsaw

• 1966 – Hamburg – group exhibition
• 1966 – Munich – Exhibition of Polish Printmaking, Autumnal Saloon
• Painting Biennial, Merignac, France
• Touring Exhibition of Illustration for Children –Sweden, South America, Scandinavia
• 1981-82 – Austria, Mariazell, Vienna
• 1983 Festival of Sacral Arts, France
• 1983-84 – France, Boulogne sur Mer;
• 1990-91 – Copenhagen, Denmark
• PAX Exhibition,Warsaw, Vienna, Mariazell

Co-organizer of national exhibitions of Religious and Sacral Art:
• 1959 – Warsaw, Church of the Holy Cross
• 1961 – Cracow, Dominican Monastery
• 1966 – Wroclaw, Monastery of Blessed Virgin Mary

Competitions, awards:
• 1st place in competition for interior of Baptistery in Church of St.Theresa, Warsaw-Włochy (and realization)
• 1st place in competition for interior of St. John Baptist Chapel in Warsaw cathedral (realization 1972-1973)
• ZPAP (Polish Artists Association) – print of the month award

• 1943 Chapel of Black Madonna of Częstochowa, in Pallottines church, Warsaw, Skaryszewska street – polychromes not existing now, stained-glasses partly destroyed.
• 1944 Chapel in Wojcieszków church, near Łuków
• 1946 Premises of Sodality of Our Lady in Cracow, Kanoniczna street – polychromes not existing and bas –relief of St. Mary
• 1947 Chapel of Pallottines, Wadowice –polychromes and altars
• 1950 Chapel of St.Stephen, in Jesuits church, Warsaw /Narbutta str./ – polychromes and triptych of St.Thaddaeus Juda
• 1967 Adoration Chapel of The Holliest Sacrament, church in Toruń –sgraffito
• 1967 Chapel of St. Madonna , church in Otwock near Warsaw – fresco, stained – glasses, partially interior planning
• Chapel of Baptistery, church of St.Theresa , Włochy – Warszawa - project of interior (jointly with J. Grochocki), ceramic mosaic
• 1972 -1973 Chapel of St. John the Baptist , Cathedral Basilica of the Martyrdom of St. John the Baptist, Warsaw – ceramic, glazed bas-relief (project and realization)

• 1944,45,47 Church in Serokomla near Kock – al secco polychromes, distemper, whole church
• 1948,1952,1953 Church in Libiszów near Opoczno –all polychromes, al secco, al fresco (realization jointly with Z. Tymoszewski)
• 1949-1950 and following yearsChurch in Ołtarzew, Pallottine Theological Seminary - polychrome, 2 frescos in distemper (jointly with Ignacy Napiecek), stained-glasses
• Church in Wisznice near Parczew – polychrome, concrete bas-relief (with contribution of Z. Tymoszewski). Interior not finished: lack of polychrome at aisle naves.
• 1955,56 Church in Sakryń near Hrubieszów-polychrome, paintings in the interiors(with contribution of Z. Tymoszewski)
• 1956 -57 Church in Iwaniska near Opatów Sandomierski-polychrome of presbytery – had been removed
• 1957 -62 Church in Śniadów – polychrome, 2 stained – glasses
• 1958-60 Church of Benedict Sisters in Łomża – Holly Trinity stained-glass
• 1959 Church in Dąbrówka Kościelna near Szepietów – polychrome of presbytery and painting
• 1960-1961 Church in Suwałki – polychrome
• 1962 -63 Church in Rosochate near Białystok –polychrome of presbytery, paintings in the interiors
• 1965,68 Church in Otwock near Warsaw – polychrome al fresco, stained-glasses, ceramic mosaic on façade of the church
• 1966 Church in Świedziebnia near Chojnic – fresco in presbytery
• 1969-1970 Chapel in Warsaw , Grochów - central altar and Stations of the Cross
• 1976 Church in Siemień near Parczew – central altarfresco, Stations of the Cross , bye-altar
• 1978,1980 Pallottine Church of Divine Mercy in Częstochowa – Stations of the Cross, 6 stained-glasses about Mercy of God (realization Z. Kośmicki – Poznań), presbytery, sgraffito of Our Lady of the Gate of Dawn on facade of the church (destroyed)
• Jesuits Church of St.Andrew Bobola, Szczecin – altars, interior-painting, glazed, ceramic bas-relief, baptismal font with ceramic mosaic.
• Church in Falenica-Warsaw – polychromes and stained-glasses, baptisetry, Stations of the Cross
• 1980-1981 Church of St. Adalbert, Warsaw – stained-glasses in presbytery;1988 -stained-glasses above choir loft, subsequent windows untill 1996, sgraffito in transept chapels.
• 1984-1990 Church of St.Theresa ,Warsaw-Włochy – mosaic in presbytery, stained-glasses until 1991, baptistery
• 1983 Cathedral Basilica of the Martyrdom of St. John the Baptist , Warsaw – stained-glasses 1988 (finished-up after Taranczewski work);1987 –stained glasses in Cardinal Wyszynski Chapel
• 1986 Pallottines Churc, Poznan – stained-glasses (~ 80m2)
• 1988 Church of All Saints, Warsaw – stained-glass in the Mother of God Chapel (jointly with W.Vojda); 1991 – painting of the Mother of God of Immaculate Conception
• 1995 Church of St.Barbara, Warsaw – mosaic (jointly with W. Vojda, D. Łoskot-Cichocka)
• 1995 Church of St.Thaddeus Juda, Warsaw – project of mosaic in presbytery, (realization jointly with W. Vojda, D.Łoskot-Cichocka)

• Pallottinum (Pallotines publishing house): illustrations, covers, graphics and prints for religious publications, designing cover for the Millennium Bible
• publishing house NASZA KSIĘGARNIA: illustrations for children& youth books
• Less frequent cooperation with other Polish publishing houses: PAX, ISKRY, KAW

ART SALES (key buyers) :
Ministry of Culture and Art of Poland;
Museum in Bydgoszcz;
Museum of Warsaw;
Museum Polish Armed Forces;
Vatican Museums (cardinal Wyszyński bought by archbishop Casaroli);
Polish National Library, Iconography Department, 1990 (prints and drawins–with documentation);
works in private collections ,musea and Pallottines collections in Paris,Rome (design of cover of the Millennium Bible - gift for Pope Paul VI).

• Reproductions, descriptions, reviews in Polish and foreign press, periodicals such as “Polonia”, “Przegląd Artystyczny” (“Artistic Review”); book “Churches in Poland” -1969; “Commememorative Book” of illustrations for children published for 50th anniversary of NASZA KSIĘGARNIA publishing house; dictionary of Warsaw’s Artists.
• Lectures of history of sacral art at PallottineSeminary(1952-1955).
• Active member of ZPAP, Warsaw (Polish Artists Association )
• Active member of KIK (Club of Catholic Intelligentsia), Warsaw
• Golden Award of ZPAP
• Golden Award by Primate Ecclesiae Populoque Servitium Praestanti
• Distinguished Cultural Service Award
• Member of Primate Council for Church Building

• ZPAP, 2000, Warsaw
• Museum of Prince Pułaski, Warka
• Exhibition at ARTFOTO GALLERY, Częstochowa